Benefits Of Being Divorced

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Is there an upside to Divorce? Divorce is always associated with failure. The departing of a Union is not path everyone anticipated. This is a stigma that needs to be altered. While divorce is unfortunate, and shouldn’t be taken lightly, we should glorify the benefits of it as well.

Balance is everything. We endure enough trauma with the process of divorce.  Give yourself a happy medium and analyze the good in the tough process.  Here are a few benefits gained during divorce.

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Your happiness has become your priority.

In Marriage, we are trained to cater and supply extensive mental support to our Spouse. In this process, the things that make us happy are somewhat secondary. When divorce is executed, we are forced to live our lives for us and not our former Spouse. This can be the most liberating thing. Doing all the things to obtain your own personal joy. We surely forget that during Marriage, and it’s refreshing to have that focus back when it dissolves.

Financial Freedom

Whether you were the Head of Household or not, finances are always harder when 2 people are managing them. After divorce, you are in control of all your finances. This freedom alone should be celebrated. Appreciate those coins boo! :-) 

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Regain your Self-Discipline.

When we are living as an asset or an addition, all our normal practices of discipline go out the door. It’s so refreshing to reevaluate the once strong and disciplined ways you had and reinforce them.

Explore being Compassionate.

Your heart can be turned to pure stone at the hands of divorce. You can end up being a very evil and cold person. Divorce forces you to find the act of compassion again. This is all in preparation for something greater. Being able to practice the act of forgiving and compassion when you want to hate and be fecious is the greatest reward.

Consider yourself experienced.

You have now elevated yourself from intermediate to novice. The goal is to be an expert, but we know that will never happen LOL. Enjoy the fact that you have evolved one step. Create an imaginary resume in your mind, and add a new skill to the skill section.  Having the experience has already blessed you with a better opportunity and future.

Being divorced is no walk in the park. Changing your mindset to see the brighter side of it all creates the best outcome for the entire situation.

Be Love,

Brittney ‘Genuine Gemini’ Baker

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