Emotional Triggers

Photo Credit: Inatashaasnook.blogspot.com

Photo Credit: Inatashaasnook.blogspot.com

Locations, scents, and songs can all contribute to emotional distress if allowed. Reminders of our past can be tricky. Some people enjoy reliving good energy and spaces in their lives; However, that’s not what is being discussed today.

How do you overcome a dark emotional trigger?

Going backwards is never the goal. Keep that thought in the front of all experiences. Being triggered usually comes unwarranted allowing no time for preparation. The impact of the trigger can be so forceful it knocks the wind out of us. Usually this energy is associated with a lack of closure. While most will never get complete closure, accepting this is key to moving forward. Realize there is more work internally that needs to be done.

If you are unsure of why the emotion is happening, ask yourself

Do you genuinely miss the situation or the potential in the situation? 

Photo Credit: longevityplanning,org

Photo Credit: longevityplanning,org

Think of emotional triggers like food poisoning. You must let is completely pass before eating again. In order to have great emotional intelligence, these triggers need to occur. Most would consider them a test. How well can you handle temptation or impulse?  Let’s be honest, there are always those shoulda coulda woulda thoughts after a trigger.

Photo Credit: dunolund,org

Photo Credit: dunolund,org

We cling to memories as if they define us, but it is our actions that define us.

Let your actions prepare you for new memories. Leave the ones you’ve made where they are.

So, what should you physically do while experiencing an emotional trigger?

1.     Smile- Regardless if the trigger is good or bad, smiling gives your spirit a signal of peace.         

       Smiling is a light shield of armor you need to get through the trigger.

2.     Pray for immediate peace.

3.     Have a mental SAFE word- We all need something that will perform CPR on our brains. Think

        of a word and say it out loud. This will not only interrupt the trigger, but sends a safe space    

        vibe to the universe.

4.     Take note of the environment you are in (Location, Time, ETC)

        This will help you decipher what causes these triggers and how to eliminate them in the  


Photo Credit: longevity planning,org

Photo Credit: longevity planning,org

Making all of this happen in that instant is not ideal, especially with your emotions running high. If you make a conscious effort you will notice the ability to knock these simple steps out with ease. Practice makes perfect right.

You deserve to be completely cleansed of your past. No one deserves to be haunted or reminded of pain (Unless you inflicted it, then that’s a different story. Hello Karma LOL)

Invest the time and strength in yourself to diminish the triggers before they happen. Remember, when triggered, a domino effect can happen. We will end up reacting and making decsions based off that energy and we don’t want that.

Be Love,

Brittney ‘Genuine Gemini’ Baker



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