Developed from a solid foundation, and the beauty that is Inglewood, CA Brittney Baker is a full-time positivity pusher, and peace finder.

Diagnosed with Turner’s Syndrome(A Chromosome Disorder) at the age of 12, Brittney experienced a unique adolescence.

Quickly discovering her admiration for Reading, Writing, and Acting, she took the Acting road very seriously until age 13, where she decided to solely focus on school. Never leaving her passion for reading and writing alone, Brittney began drafting her first memoir

“Evolution of A Gemini” (Coming Soon). It was then she discovered her strong story telling capabilities.  After experiencing a life altering blow, Divorce, Brittney shifted her focus on healing. Through the grace of God, Genuine Gemini was born.

Genuine Gemini creates safe spaces for discussions focused on healing, self-love, awareness, and support to those needing comfort.

With her Hospitality background, Event Planning has become a part of the Genuine Gemini umbrella. When she is not writing or planning, Brittney enjoys hanging with her amazing Parents, watching her Big Brother be the “Cool Dad” to her 2 beautiful Nieces, and diving into some great Reality TV.


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