WHY I LOVE...(The Series) Featuring Kid Fury and Crissle (The Read)

Photo Credit: Thisistheread.com

Photo Credit: Thisistheread.com

Unapologetic. The best adjective to describe this dynamic duo aka MY FAV’s!  If you are unfamiliar with THE READ, I’m so sorry and you should be ashamed of yourself LOL. THE READ is a 4-year-old weekly Podcast composed of humor, critical thinking, shade throwing, and an abundance of Beyoncé stanning. 

Kid Fury is the extreme introvert you love and fear at the same time. His comedic timing is impeccable and never disappoints.

Photo Credit: instagram.com/kidfury

Photo Credit: instagram.com/kidfury

Crissle is the proud to be an African American Woman best friend we all aspire to have. She is the wrong person to test, and will gladly share why.

Photo Credit: Instagram.com/crissles

Photo Credit: Instagram.com/crissles

Having several successes individually, the success of the Podcast is historic and much needed in our current society. Thursdays are so special to me now. There was a time in my life where depression was heavy and nothing seemed to be going positively. I remember the first time Podcast as if it were yesterday; the laughs I had, the thoughts that were provoked and the ability to relate to the content being discussed was life altering. This was more than a distraction, it was bigger than Podcast, it became a part of my lifestyle. Hearing them rant became an instant healing. Therapy through and through. The transparency and honesty within this friendship inspired me. I’ve been an active supporter since that day, listening to every episode, and attending every live show they have.

So why do I love them?  Here are my top 4 reasons why:

1.     They encourage free speech and originality.

2.     They remain informative, yet unbothered, and uninterested.

3.     They support their Friends.

4.     They are hilarious.

Photo Credit: Thisistheread.com

Photo Credit: Thisistheread.com

Friendships can vary, but this friendship is a special one. I adore how much they respect each other, and understand each other. Every new endeavor either of them take on, I’m excited about, genuinely. I know sky is the limit and I love seeing them soar to the top. Keep going Kid Fury and Crissle, keep going.

Do yourself a favor and listen THE READ.

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Be Love,

Brittney ‘Genuine Gemini’ Baker

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