Business is Business: A Millennial Deficit



There are some uncharted territories Millennials will avoid. Certain discussions that we aren't mentally equipped to handle and others we just don't care enough about. One is the way we handle business. As I've slowly started to embark on entrepreneurship, my observations have been the following:


1.     Discounts are expected and offered instantly.

2.     Quality is not guaranteed.

3.     Time frames are non-existent 

4.     Respect is challenged 

5.     Emotional Intelligence is mandatory 

6.     Strategy is considered sinful



In these observations, I asked myself, who is responsible? Who do these conflicts or misguided actions belong to? Surely I'm not responsible, right? WRONG! The invitation of business manifests good or bad from the start. Presentation is literally 30% of it in my opinion. When I reflect on how I either invited or was invited to any business venture, the results all make sense in the end. Being comfortable, less direct, and more casual, creates an immediate perception of how you will conduct business. 

It's expected as a Millennial, to be uneducated or misinformed. Sad and disappointing, but true. Breaking that stigma is not our job. This is where the bad choices and decisions get made. We work so hard to prove how informed we are, we end up being blindsided by sinful tactics. 




My hope for my generation is to rid ourselves of this mentality and replace it with practical responsible tactics, still being developed and perfected. 


No one is perfect, right? 


Instead of approaching business deals, with hopes of consideration due to age, financial status or pre-developed relationships, lean on your values, and why they are profitable. Protect your inventory (Mental and physical) without fear. Don't end up being in the deficit out of stupidity. Humility can take you very far in business. 

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Four things I suggest you do before talking business:


1.     Erase the Fight in Your Head.

2.     Only communicate facts you 100% stand by.

3.     Give yourself 24 hours before agreeing or confirming any details.

4.     Trust yourself. 


My dear Millennials we've got to do better in being progressive for future generations. Keep a swift, yet pure heart in whatever you commit to. 


Be Love,


Brittney 'Genuine Gemini' Baker 



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