REVIEW: SuperNatural Wellness Tour (Oakland)

God relentlessly glorifies all his Children, but abundantly rewards those seeking him.                                                                                     

                                                                                    ~Brittney 'Genuine Gemini' Baker

EventBrite Sleuth? What could she possibly mean by that? I was puzzled after hearing Fran’s comment regarding ticket sales. Something in my spirit told me to get prepared. Dates were not released yet. The universe allowed this team of #Blackgirlmagic to nearly be sold out of most dates. So, panic filled the air, anxiety consumed my heart, and determination took over my body. 45 spots only. Would I be lucky enough to grab one?

The Super Natural Wellness Retreat is the most humbling, fulfilling, life altering and wise investments I’ve made. I was blessed enough to indulge in the Los Angeles Pop Up version November 2016.

Strategically, after about 45 minutes, I joined the “EventBrite Sleuth” squad, and obtained my ticket prior to them being released. Unsure of what was in store, I knew I’d be headed to Oakland to get a small piece of heaven.

My arrival to Oakland was a bit hectic. 11 Hours. Bus/Train because I refused to pay for an overpriced airline ticket (#QueenFrugal), and I hate driving long distances. I knew the experience would outweigh that however. Bitter Sweet I arrived to the venue without my Sissy, who attended with me in 2016. I was super ecstatic to see the Terrific Trio (Fran, Has, and Yera) and some familiar faces.

Nervous, I found an empty space, and rolled out my Yoga mat. Lord, why was I doing this to myself again. Still cute and curvy, I was concerned about my comfort with Yoga. Last time I was in pain, and embarrassed. I felt ashamed because I was not active participant of Yoga, and just did not understand the concept. This is apart of the “Process” you experience at the Retreat. Yera is so good at what she does. Last year I had props, and needed to be assisted a lot. This year, I had to open my eyes a few times to confirm I was actually doing Yoga, that’s how smooth the transitions were. No pain this go round. Quiet as it’s kept, I fell asleep a few times LOL. Yera definitely knows how to relax you and keep your mind focused. Again, I was nervous, I had no idea what the premise of conversation would be. 

Lunch was amazing, and actually made me laugh. Last year there was a small hiccup with the food ordering and some ladies needed to wait, which was not a problem at all. This caused an unsettling feeling with Fran, and she openly admitted to it during our ‘Sister Circle.” This Year, there was so much food. As soon as I saw it laid out, I knew that was probably always at the top of her list when discussing logistics. This also helped me understand as an Event Planner and self-diagnosed perfectionist, I need to realize things aren’t as visibly disastrous as I assume. It’s the comeback that makes a difference.

Sister Circle begins with a topic very new to me, inner self. See, I’ve lived for a lot of people, for a very long time. Early 20’s I just knew I was living for myself, but I discovered that to be incorrect. We centered our conversation on self-hindering and self-inflicted blocks. What an awesome discussion.  What fogs are blocking you from being great, and how are you assisting those fogs?  Yes, you read right, how are you assisting in clouding your own judgement or being great.

This Wellness Retreat was a sweet reminder that you also add to your self destruction. Create a deep understanding of that and cut it off as soon as possible. 

As always, I'm super amazed and grateful to the untouchable trio, Fran, Hasana,  and Yeradmi. You guys continue to evolve your visions, and for that I thank you. My heart is always full in your presence. If you haven't, please visit the tours website: and get your tickets while you can. An overall joy, honor, and just an amazing experience. 

Be Love,

Brittney 'Genuine Gemini' Baker

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