Being Honest With Self: Positive Self Talk

"The 'self-image' is the key to human personality and human behavior. Change the self image and you change the personality and the behavior."      ~Maxwell Maltz



We speak so much about Self Confidence that is can sometimes be overwhelming. As strange as this may sound, being overly confident can truly damage your self-esteem. There is no wrong or right way to love yourself. What is remarkable is the honesty component we often quickly forget when discussing self. How often can you say you tell yourself the truth?

Inner speaking plays a huge role in how we formulate and project “Self Love”. Inner speaking or Inner Speech is the monologue we hear day in and day out in our own heads. What is your monologue telling you about yourself? Battles of negative inner speaking result in obvious personality clashes. We can prevent this with pure honesty with ourselves. Many of us feel we are honest with ourselves. It’s also challenging not to be mean to ourselves when expressing our truths. We have to have the same balance we have with others. Obviously, we will always be harder on ourselves, but learning to be a light and spread love internally is important. Here some quick tips to make sure you are being that light:



Tell yourself the truth.

Honest truth don’t always have to hurt your heart. Talk kind to yourself, but be honest.

Acknowledge the GREAT qualities in you.

You have to be your biggest champion.

Don’t feel uncomfortable speaking to yourself.

Don’t be ashamed, or feel crazy speaking to your inner self. This person drives your spirit and directs how you handle society. Communicate with them.

Consistently write out improvements you see in yourself.

Keep good notes on changes and updates with things you’ve addressed with self.



Enjoy growth in a healthy stage. Always remember to reflect and create positive surroundings for yourself but be honest with you first. This honestly will shine so bright it will force others to be honest as well, and kind all at the same time.

Be Love,

Brittney "Genuine Gemini" Baker


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