The Pressure Of Goals

End of first quarter is here. Time to reflect on goals. Great…this will be painful. The pressure of accomplishing what you set out to do is real. 



So why has that pressure come about?

Are we ‘Goal Digging’ for ourselves or others?

Lately, those 2 questions have been aggressively haunting my spirit and making me revisit my standards for goals and how I set them. Goals are intended to motivate and push you to go beyond what you feel you capable of. They are set to be a guide and stream line the process to become a better you. This can be challenging, but not impossible. As you set goals, it’s important to remember they are for you, not for anyone else. Let’s be honest, sometimes our goals are geared towards pleasing or impressing other people. Whether consciously or subconsciously, we have a desire to be validated by others and will create a vision of success strictly off of that. This clouds our judgement and leaves zero room for our development. Here are 2 ways to identify you’ve set a goal for others, not yourself:

1.     You lack passion when discussing it. 

2.     Your plan to accomplish it is quick, and unclear.



Words are powerful and listening to opinions on what success should look like on you, is tempting and frequent. Our thoughts have to align with our actions when it comes to our goals. We are the only people responsible for them. Allowing other things to alter how we view those goals is a big distraction. So what are some best practices we can follow?

Be intentional when setting your goals.

Be prepared to accomplish it with zero recognition.

Don’t force the process, build on the productivity.



I encourage you to align your spirit and your goals together and release some of that pressure. Revisit your goals for 2018. While being consistent is key, redesigning and restructuring things is powerful as well. Find your sweet spot and eliminate a negative mindset when it comes to goals. Understand that goals are in fact meant to be hard work, but not meant to break you down.

Be Love,

Brittney 'Genuine Gemini' Baker


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