Developing Patience

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For a while I felt like I understood what having patience meant.  Patience is more than an act, it’s an emotion and a resourceful tool that needs sharpening daily. Patience will be always tested because it evolves, much like our heart and brain. You will never reach a plateau with patience.

So how can you improve your patience?

There is no easy way to do this, just mere trial and error. Over the course of my journey, developing patience has been a crucial tool to my development and healing. My approach has been far from complex, and very rewarding.

1.     Appreciate the teachable moment you are experiencing.

2.     Understand using patience doesn’t make you weak or less than.

3.     Always think before speaking or reacting

4.     Go beyond your comfort zone, when dealing with an uncomfortable situation.

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As an extreme introvert, I noticed my patience loses its power very quickly. It is my responsibility to keep it in tact. No one should be responsible for patience aside from me. Having an open mind helps, but practicing keeping your mind open is important also.

Society is expecting short fuses all the time these days. I guess it’s to be expected with who is running the Country.

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We must create a sense of serenity in our own spirit to maintain our self-growth and worth. Some advice to those dealing with lack of patience, explore where your anxiety or anger is derived from, eliminate the mindset that you have zero patience. Small, yet simple steps are important when improving your patience. Don’t overwhelm yourself, just keep working at it.

Be Love.

Brittney ‘ Genuine Gemini’ Baker

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