Fighting for Financial Freedom: Having Financial Fear

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Think of the last big purchase you made… Were you nervous to do it? Skeptical? Imagine having that feeling on simple small purchases. The anxiety alone is… whew, just scary.  Let’s explore this in detail. How does one develop FINANCIAL FEAR? Being in an unstable place financially can be very like dealing with a bad breakup. Triggers are formed, heartache is developed, and you never feel like you will recover. Having your finances in order is not only great for your wealth, but health also.

Discovering how to live within your means, while having a comfortable cushion is gratifying but can be very stressful. It’s important to understand the of financial intelligent. One may suggest having all their bills paid, with no savings shows signs of bad financial intelligence.  Incorrect. Everyone’s not able to have a healthy savings, but you should always attempt to save something. Today, we are up against so much. Now while there are several ways to become stronger financially, here 3 quick tips to gain your strength:

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1.     Analyze your overhead carefully.

               a.     Downsize or eliminate if possible

               b.     Call and requests discounts or lower interest rates.

2.     Start small with saving. Treat it like a kid’s piggy bank, everything eventually adds up.

3.      Make purchases with confidence.


All of us are on a quest for financial freedom and need to do the work to get there. Much like in life, we can’t compare our financial journey on others.


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No matter how many times you think you fail, always have saving in the forefront of your mind. If you tap into it, don’t stress over replenishing it; keep adding to what you have.


The anxiety of financial failure comes stems from a lack of faith in yourself. Don’t let your bills or life events control your faith. Encourage yourself constantly.


Be Love,


Brittney ‘Genuine Gemini’ Baker

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