Almost 32....

Today is May 1st. I’m overjoyed and sad at the same time. My birthday is in 27 days, and I'm no where close to where I should be. Pity party much??? Absolutely LOL! Then it hit me, God has blessed you with a gift of discernment, passion for visions, and an overall pure heart. 31 years of being out of sorts, confused, fighting for your best potential, all while being covered in his grace is a blessing in itself. What an accomplishment!

Looking at my “List” of things to create, conquer, and pursue, I quickly replaced them with a list of blessings, prayers needed, and thank you’s to God. I get the opportunity to try harder and be a better person. That made me smile. You create your joy and misery, God allows what he wants to happen because it’s already done.

In that moment, I felt inclined to write a list of 32 things to do before I turned 32. Crazy right? Instantly eliminating that, I thought of 5 things I want to do to serve God more at 32. In creating this list, I thought of several things, and became overwhelmed with what I hadn’t been doing. This list brought me completely back to center, and created a guide for an amazing upcoming 12 months.

1.Honor God’s Name More.

I know we all love God, but do we Honor him? I asked myself aside from saying it to myself, how am I showing my honor for him? Definitely felt the need to work on this more.

2.       Pray With More Purpose.

I notice my praying pattern is all over the place. Prayer is a very sacred thing, and needs to be approached with intent.  Everyone prays differently, meaning method, but do you have purpose in your prayer? I would like to define my intent more.

3.Continue to Practice Forgiveness.

Something I can’t seem to get to a 100%. Pain is always the forefront of why. I would like to learn a different method to forgive in 32. Having my heart and actions align in this department would be superb.

 4.Love Myself More.

My body is a temple, a precious masterpiece God created and I choose to neglect sometimes. So disheartening when I think of it that way. I claim to love myself, but I neglect simple self-care. My intent with this needs to be stronger and better. Losing weight, getting healthier, getting massages frequently, visiting the Doctor regularly, all of these things should not be neglected.

5.Accept Change With Grace.

I’m a very structured person. I deal with change often, but it drives me insane. My goal in 32 is to gracefully endure change. I notice I get upset when things aren’t as “Organized” as I would like it. In all that anger, I cause more disorganization. My heart hopes to create a deeper understanding for the changes, and wholeheartedly accept them as they come.

Birthdays can bring on several emotions, but it can also create overwhelming joy. It’s safe to say I have both, and just love being a work in progress. PROGRESS, we are all IN PROGRESS. What are some of your birthday traditions? What’s the energy usually like 30 days or less before, or even after your birthday? Sound off in the comments, I’d love to hear about them J

Be Love,

Brittney ‘Genuine Gemini’ Baker