Future Lover: I'm nervous for you......

As I sit finishing a homemade margarita, it dawned on me.... I'm very nervous for my future lover. 

PHOTO CREDIT: follownews.com

PHOTO CREDIT: follownews.com

Over the past year, so many things have transpired. Aside from my personal evolution, the World continued to evolve. DUH! We all think the World stops during our trying times right? In the evolution stage, the discoveries become so spontaneous and life changing. Distance from normalcy creates an urgent need to wander, and investigate. In other words, Self discovery is one crazy b@!$h! My quest for love was always high. Even through the loss of a union, my crave for strong, unfiltered, equal, down right magical partnership has never diminished. 

PHOTO CREDIT: theeposhnosh.wordpress.com

PHOTO CREDIT: theeposhnosh.wordpress.com

In lieu of what would have been my 6 Year Wedding Anniversary, I asked myself, "How would you spend #6 with your future lover."

As a hopeless romantic, immediately you dive into the romance side.

That's the easy part.

I  needed more of a challenge though. Our "Love" will have to be more meaningful than a gift, trip, or dinner (Although dinner is always good for me LOL) So I pushed and came up with some very unique celebrations. These were my top 3:



Both of my Grandmothers have passed. I always wanted them to be proud of my choice for a Spouse. If my lover also has someone they cherished that passed, we would write letters to those people expressing our love for them and each other. We would take it to their resting places (Wherever that may be), read them together before leaving it with them to enjoy. 



Recreate our very first date. I'm talking attire, food, etc. Tell each other the things we were scared to say then.



Meet with a "New Couple" and offer any advice for longevity and peace. Yes, on our day we would mentor. That's when it's authentic, when it's suppose to be about you, and you make it about someone else. 

PHOTO CREDIT: hellobeautiful.com

PHOTO CREDIT: hellobeautiful.com


Now I know what you are thinking.... "Standards are too high, that's unrealistic. No man will ever want to do those things." 



Well I beg to differ. 

Here is where the nervousness for that person comes into play.

They will be so connected to me through my inner peace and yearning to evolve.

So nurtured and overwhelmed with my assurance of our union.

Humbled by my consistent prayers and uplifting with Gods help

So pleased with my ability to choose OUR happiness first.

The fullness alone will be so strong, that's it's very scary to think about. 

I'm doing the work now to create foundation in me that is not only solid , but unbreakable. 

Some may say you don't exist, but with patience in my spirit and God in my heart, I'll wait as long as I need to to have these special and monumental moments with you. 

Photo Credit: soulreflectionz.com

Photo Credit: soulreflectionz.com


So future lover, I'm praying for you now. With all the good nervous and girly anxiety. Your energy, plus mine will cause tsunamis, and I can't wait to experience that kind of love, the right way. 


Be Love,