ARE YOU A FRAUD ?: How to Acknowledge and Eliminate Fraud Behavior.

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Are you a Fraud?

I might ruffle some feathers with this, but it needs to be addressed and discussed.

Have you encountered a spirit that is always physically proclaiming to be one way, but internally feels and acts differently?  They judge people quickly, yet their behaviors are of the same caliber?

                                                           THESE ARE FRAUDS!

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Now at some point in our lives, we have all been this person. Professing our strengths to the world, but secretly dying inside. This cycle must be broken. Frauds are deceivers, period point blank. Having that type of energy around you or in you can cause so much disaster and grief.

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Now let me be clear, it is ok to feel different than your actions. As a Salesperson. I don’t always like my product or the structure in which I have to sell it; however, I have a job to do. While the inside of me is saying, “ Honey, it’s cheaper at XYZ Hotel” I have to smile and continue to push, and advocate for my Hotel. It’s just business.


So let’s discuss the actions of a Fraud:


1.       Extremely self assured.

2.       Vocal about topics that only help them look more successful.

3.       Extremely judgmental.

4.       Never hold themselves accountable.

5.       Provides “Envious Support”.

6.       Fails quietly.


Now, there are some people that hide this so well, we barely know the authentic them. Emotions are maskedwith a thick film of umm, how can I say this… “FAKE” LOL or you get the “NICE/NASTY” vibe. Honey, stay clear away, and pray for those souls, because they are so lost and confused its ridiculous. Oh, and please don’t think it’s just women. Oh no, men are the highest rated “Frauds” around.

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When I was moving into my first home in Palmdale, CA. I was beyond excited. 22 years old, with a 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath. I felt I was winning at life.  I had just completed college and earned my first degree through an online University.  A male “Friend” who is no longer in my life was showing signs of Fraud. He asked to see the photos of the house (He was in a different State at the time). Then he wanted to see my degree that was mailed to me. Strange??? but being naïve I sent the photos. I opted not to walk in my graduation. It was being held in another State. No one who genuinely supported me would’ve been able to make it. After receiving the photos some of his commentary were as follows“Your degree looks smaller than most people’s I’ve seen.”

 “Did you purchase your cap and gown, mines came in the wrong size, I had to send it back. Want to see the new one when it comes?”

” You should get a different frame for your degree, the one I have is going to look better.”

 “Your backyard is small.”

“Why don’t you have a Jacuzzi tub in the guest bathroom also?”

 “The tile on the floor in the kitchen is too plain, when my house is built from scratch, I’ll show you the ones you should’ve used.”

I immediately knew I needed to rid myself of that energy. Funny thing is, I found out later in life, he never actually received his degree, and that house that was being built from ‘Scratch” was never started and he’d been living with Friends and renting rooms after losing many of his apartments and condos. He was generally a successful man, or so we thought.   Of course no one knew about his demise because he “Failed quietly.” I too lost my very first home, and dropped out of College twice before deciding to continue for my second degree (Pray for me, I’m almost done Lol) However, everyone in my life knew about it. I wasn’t ashamed. Why? I knew I would be starting over and eventually conquering those things again.


Photo Credit: Asare

Photo Credit: Asare

A “Non Fraud” wants you to learn from them and take the correct path. While they aren’t perfect, they have a passion for wanting to rub off the good onto people.

So how do we stop “Frauds” from being created? Love on them. Even if it’s from a distance. I still pray for the man in the story above. I feel horrible that life has caused some people to be so bitter and dishonest. I know we can’t save everyone, but we can surely ask our “High Powers” to cover them.

Now, if you have read all of this and feel, “Well, I’m in the clear, I’m no fraud, I have no work to do.” sadly, you are mistaken. As I mentioned, fraud like behavior is in all of us.





Stop it in its tracks. If you feel yourself being envious, push yourself out of that energy.

Intensify your plan, not to compete, but conquer it.

Don’t let your failures be hidden. Someone is always able to learn from them.

Be accountable for the things that you do. Own them.

Judging people will happen, but catch it, and kill it. We aren’t perfect, mistakes and bad decisions will happen.

Embrace topics and discussions that may not always support you or your visions. LISTEN to people, and try not to see yourself first before you see them.  It’s so impactful. When you feel someone is carefully, and strategically trying to assist and evolve with you, its magical.


Be Love.