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Very tough topic to discuss, but as a millennial, it’s becoming more and more common. Depression comes in many ways. Although hidden at times, everyone battles it at some point. There are so many layers to it.  So when does it get uncontrollable? When does that pain manifest into not wanting to live?

I shared my suicidal experience on Life Culture People.

Deactivating Eskridge Series Part 4: Destructive Discovery

Underestimating the power of depression is the first thing that should be acknowledged. We all endure things, and feel we can handle it. We feel we know our limits and can dodge all the darkness with avoiding, smiling, and a quick prayer. This is all before we realize how strong depression can be and how much it can consume us. That saying “The devil is busy.” was not created for nothing. Depression can literally take you out if you are not mentally prepared for it. Do not underestimate it.

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Suicide is also associated with weakness and not being strong enough. Therefore, people don’t want to discuss it. This is our biggest issue. Not expressing our emotions properly or not asking for the proper help creates a downward spiral of destruction. Half of the people who think about suicide made a conscious choice not to talk about their pain. Too late? Yes, late, as in far from recovery. They’re already at the numbing stage. Now this does not mean they don’t deserve help or need the attention; the work needed to get them to a better place mentally will be that much harder.

I recently read an article about a double suicide out of Ohio. A teen couple battling so many things leading to their untimely deaths. 

Ohio Teen Couple Double Suicide-2 Days Apart

The common factor with both teens, they never asked for help. They tried to cope and it became too much.

How can you help someone Suicidal?

1.      LISTEN TO THEM- I can’t express how much having a listening ear helped me during my dark time.

2.      ACKNOWLEDGE THEIR DEPRESSION- Worse thing you can do to a suicidal person is make them feel invaluable, or weak. Empower their emotion to help them remove it.

3.      SURPRISE THEM-Suicidal people really need attention. Surprise them with communication and your presence. Understand their reluctance but BE PRESENT.

4..     GET A SUPPORT SYSTEM TOGETHER FOR THEM- Rally up the troops. Make sure they have multiple people checking on them, and giving them love. 

5.      GET THEM PROFESSIONAL HELP- There are so many ways to get professional assistance. Many think of the cost and run away from it. There are free solutions also.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


Self-Harm Hotline

 (800) 366-8288

Talk Space-Online Therapists


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I did not look suicidal. Many people around me would never guess those thoughts were there. It’s important that we understand that. Suicide does not have a particular face. If you know someone is dealing with something difficult challenge yourself to assist in a deeper way. They may not always have the voice to express themselves.

Be Love,

Brittney 'Genuine Gemini' Baker