Happy 31st Birthday To Me!!

It's 1:36AM PST., May 28, 2016.  I'm officially 31. As I sit and reflect on the previous year, a huge smile covers my face. "You did it Brittney." I muttered to myself.

This time last year, I was curled up in a dark room, crying, praying, and crying some more. My birthday was nothing to celebrate. I was losing my heart, losing my other half, losing my 6'1 shadow, losing my best friend, losing my mind.  I'd lost my Husband. It was the big 30, or as everyone else calls it, "Dirty 30". The pressure to be excited and have a desire to celebrate was so strong.


My loved ones wanted me to be happy, I wanted to be depressed. Yes, you read correctly, I WANTED TO BE DEPRESSED. Life was surreal. Funny how God works. That same surreal feeling is happening in this moment, just reversed. Instead of the anxiety, sadness, and overall numbness, I feel rejoiced, renewed, and reinvented.


I have a vision and passion to have my story heard. Not to bash or put shame on myself or any other parties involved, but merely to help someone else experiencing the same things. I decided to launch genuinegemini.com and The Gemini Exchange (YouTube Channel) on my birthday as a gift to myself.  There are so many things to chat about regarding my evolution, and I can't wait to share!I have so many projects I'm working on and continuously see God working.


If I touch one soul, improve one relationship, or even help one person smile, or feel less alone, I'll be pleased.

Thank you for helping me celebrate. I look forward to bringing authentic and genuine content.


Check out where it all started. www.lifeculturepeople.com

My contribution to Life. Culture. People has been amazing and will continue!


Be Love,


Brittney BakerComment